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Heavy Lies the crown, rotterdam, NL

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Draconian2 weeks ago
Does anyone of you have any questions about our upcoming album? Comment below 🙂
Draconian3 weeks ago
A couple of days late but here is Anders' collaboration with Spanish Gothic metal band Rainover. SINGLE OUT NOW!
The vocals were recorded at our very own Dead Dog Farm studios in Säffle with Johan Ericson behind the mixing table.
Check this gorgeous lyric video out! For more info check band page. Thank you Andrea Casanova and rest of the band.

Stay tuned for DRACONIAN news soon.
Draconian2 months ago
Greetings, Friends of the Horde!

Due to unforeseen set-backs regarding Heike's passport, we regret to inform Draconian will not be on the bill for the Romanian show in May: Draconian - Clouds & Abigail (double album release). We are working as fast as bureaucratically possible to resolve this issue for future shows.

Many thanks to Final Step Productions and for your understanding.