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Draconian Cancels Upcoming German and Romanian Tour Dates

We regret to inform our fans that we unfortunately had to cancel our upcoming shows in Germany (Sunstorm Festival & Rockharz Festival) and in Romania (Dark Bombastic Evening). Now let us shed the light of truth on the situation.

As usual, the bureaucratic forces of “you’re just a case-number and we don’t give a shit what plans you’ve made for this year”, have decided that Heike should wait anything from 12 to 15 months for a residence permit renewal. This is largely due to the Migration board having their hands full with the refugee situation in Sweden. This however means that she is stuck in Sweden for the time being. Management is working hard behind the scenes to try speed up the process, so that hopefully no further cancellation (and frustrations) have to take place this year.

We are truly sorry for those who spend their hard earned ching to come see this elusive gang of misfits we call Draconian. Telepathically join forces in your minds and send those good vibes toward Heike getting her visa sorted ASAP.

Always with love and sincerity,