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Draconian7 days ago
Almost all pre-production is done. Drum tracking starts on Thursday.
Draconian2 weeks ago
From January this year comes a very, very nice review and friendly words by Fatih Daylan for Blessed thanks 🙏
Draconian2 months ago
It's been over a week since we came home from THE SOVEREIGN ARSONISTS TOUR, with its epic wrap-up in Vienna. We want to thank Marrok Chris for all the work put in and being an excellent tourmanager. Also thanks to Diana Sunvemetal Muschiol for being the rock she is and was throughout the tour. Thanks for your work! Roman from District 19 and Christian Bunke from R.T.N., thank you. It was nice finally meeting you, Christian.
And of course we want to thank our fantastic support bands Harakiri for the sky and Sojourner Awesome work and friendships, you guys. You never cease to amaze. A special shout-out to Daniel Johansson from Wormwood for taking the time playing the drums like a god. We take a graceful bow🙏
Post-tour depression is still doing its thing, but no wonder... It's been amazing sharing this experience with You all.

And finally a HUGE thank you to all of you who made it to the shows; friends, fans, promoters, journalists. All your love and devotion makes all worthwhile and us better.
Until next time <>
Draconian3 months ago
Highway Stars.