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Draconian4 days ago
Dear fellow metal heads,

The time has come for us to make the dreaded decision of what to do in the wake of Corona, and it pains us greatly, to have to cancel this year’s edition of the Karmøygeddon Metal Festival.

In spite of this financial and emotional setback, we’re working hard towards next year’s festival, which is scheduled to take place 6th-8th of May 2021. Our booking team are well on their way to re-securing this year’s line-up, and are even adding some additional surprises for 2021!

To make it to next year we’re humbly asking you to transfer your current ticket to next year’s festival. We understand that this is a difficult situation for everyone and are therefore offering refunds to those of you who cannot yet commit to next year. However, if you would like to, you can also choose to donate your ticket, to help secure Karmøygeddon’s future. Now, more than ever, in the great words of Anvil ”Metal on metal, Never will die, Parties and concerts, Keep it alive”

Ticket holders will be contacted via email regarding their tickets.

We love you and are looking forward to seeing you beautiful metal heads again very soon.
Yours trvly
Karmøygeddon Metal Festival

PS : Tickets for 2021 have been made available for you here;
Draconian2 weeks ago
Stay safe out there, people
and remember that sharing is caring
... But don't forget to rock!
Killing Joke - I Am The Virus (Lyric Video)
Killing Jokes's lyric video for ‘I Am The Virus' from the album, ‘Pylon' - available via Spinefarm Records 23rd October 2015. Produced by Killing Joke and To...
Draconian2 weeks ago
Dear friends!

As of today, the situation is as follows:
The Norwegian Government has enforced a total ban of all culture events until 26th of March, and local authorities have informed us that this ban most likely will be extended further. Everything is in limbo right now, and we know as little as you do about what the next weeks and months will bring.

We would have loved to work through this as we have previously with volcano eruptions, airlines striking, hotels suddenly pulling out of deals etc. etc. However, this time we are dealing with a completely different “monster” that potentially could affect people’s health and safety. We cannot risk that. Our main aim and focus have always been – and always will be – our guest’s comfort and safety and that everyone is having the time of their lives.
Therefore, at this point in time, we are really sorry to let you know that it’s looking bleak for Karmøygeddon 2020. BUT, we’ll keep the dream alive for a short while longer as there’s still a sliver of hope that the situation might change.
We are in continuous talks with our local authorities and will inform you in good time of whatever decision has to be made.
Until further notice, stay safe and keep washing your hands ❤

Photo: Freimen
Draconian1 month ago
Does anyone of you have any questions about our upcoming album? Comment below 🙂
Draconian2 months ago
A couple of days late but here is Anders' collaboration with Spanish Gothic metal band Rainover. SINGLE OUT NOW!
The vocals were recorded at our very own Dead Dog Farm studios in Säffle with Johan Ericson behind the mixing table.
Check this gorgeous lyric video out! For more info check band page. Thank you Andrea Casanova and rest of the band.

Stay tuned for DRACONIAN news soon.
Draconian3 months ago
Greetings, Friends of the Horde!

Due to unforeseen set-backs regarding Heike's passport, we regret to inform Draconian will not be on the bill for the Romanian show in May: Draconian - Clouds & Abigail (double album release). We are working as fast as bureaucratically possible to resolve this issue for future shows.

Many thanks to Final Step Productions and for your understanding.