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Draconian3 weeks ago
We are happy to announce that we are (finally) going to perform @ Gothoom open air fest in Slovakia next year. Thank you Peter Doomas Betko for patience and good vibes. See you there y'all.

Tickets sale start Monday 2.9
Draconian1 month ago

Make sure to drop by and follow us on Twitter.
I finally found the login details and the account is now active again from today and onwards.
The page is managed by yours truly at the moment and linked to my own account @

Thank you 🙏

Draconian2 months ago
We're very happy to announce we'll be performing at Karmøygeddon Metal Festival in Kopervik, Norway next year late April to early May. On which day is yet to be announced.

Get your tickets @
Draconian2 months ago
Yesterday we finished all the slide guitars for the new album!
Draconian3 months ago
Heike Langhans on the upcoming Draconian material, the music business and more in a new in-depth interview for . Shared in both German & English. Scroll down for English version. Please, share!
Thank you for this great interview, Julia Ki 🙏

"No matter the genre, melancholy is beautiful. Somewhere on my old hard drive I have playlists full of the saddest songs I could find. Everything from radio hits to underground noise. Ironically it brings me joy. Perhaps because I realize I am not alone and there is a world of people out there who feel the same to some degree".
Draconian4 months ago
From Anders Jacobsson:
I am so proud of my dear friend Riina Rinkinen and Gothic metal veterans Silentium to finally have re-arisen. It's been a slow process but I've had the fortune to listen in on some pre-production material, and I can promise you a beyond beautiful new album post-summer this year. "Empty" works as a teaser and stand along kind of piece and a new video will hit with the album release. Silentium always had this precious sound and it's something they've managed to maintain since the 90's. The symphonic elements cuts life a knife through the soundscape and for me it's a main characteristic of the band. This song is a cover of the band Eva + Manu. Video scripted and directed by Riina. Please go to their page and hit the Like button.

Video premiered this morning at 6AM CET.
SILENTIUM - EMPTY Official Video (Eva + Manu cover)
Official music video for EMPTY, an Eva + Manu cover by SILENTIUM. Production: John La Hanhi Productions 2019 / Spotify: https://open.spo...