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Turning Season Within


  • Released on February 29, 2008
  • Record label: Napalm Records
  • Length: 52:36
  1. Seasons Apart (6:31)
  2. When I Wake (5:50)
  3. Earthbound (8:11)
  4. Not Breathing (5:38)
  5. The Failure Epiphany (6:20)
  6.  Morphine Cloud (7:33)
  7. Bloodflower (5:32)
  8. The Empty Stare (5:45)
  9. September Ashes (1:11)
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Recorded and engineered at Fascination Street Studios by David Castillo and Johan Örnborg.

Produced by Draconian and Fascination Street crew.

Mixed and mastered At Fascination Street by Jens Bogren.

Musical composed by Johan Ericson except “September Ashes”, music by Andreas Karlsson.
Lyrics written by Anders Jacobsson with adaptions from poetry of Therés Björk.
Lyrics for chorus in “The Empty Stare” written by Mina Eltaieb.

Keyboards and programming by Andreas Karlsson.
Narrative vocals by Paul Kuhr.

Artwork and layout by Dennis Sibeijn.

Line up on this recording:
Anders Jacobsson (Vocals)
Lisa Johansson (Vocals)
Johan Ericson (Guitar)
Daniel Arvidsson (Guitar)
Fredrik Johansson (Bass)
Jerry Torstensson (Drums)